Thursday, 28 October 2010

Trash Market at The Counter Culture Project from 7th November untill 19th December)

Hello everyone
I have some wonderful and exciting news.

Trash Market has been asked to take part in the Counter Culture Project in London Bridge  (
Counter Culture run events under London Bridge Station and have been collaborating with a carefully selected handful promoters to bring an unrivalled mixture of club nights, live shows, comedy, plays, cinema, and art installations, and now Trash Market has been asked to join the fun on a Sunday.

 Trash Market will be held every Sunday starting from the 7th November 2010 until the 19th December 2010 from 1pm-7pm.Trash Market will be held in the large main room of the building next to a smaller room which will be run by collective of artists and creative’s based all over London called CULTIVATION who organize short films, performance art and chilled music.

The cost of a stall will be £30.00 per Sunday Market payable on the day. As usual tables and chairs will be provided, but if you need rails of a table cloth please bring you own. There are also several power points for lights or laptops but you will need to bring your own extension cables or more ideally for table lighting, candles.

If you have already had a stall at Trash Market at The phoenix,  and are intreasted in taking part and having a stall at Trash Market at The Counter Culture Project please could you email me the dates that you are available. If you have yet to have a stall with Trash Market but would like to take part please could you send me three images of what you intend to sell along with prices to

Love Davinia.xx

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Budget Advertising

On Saturday the 2nd October Trash Market made her second appearance, and it seems slowly but surely the news about a wonderful market in a East Dulwhich pub is spreading as more people arrived than the week before to sample the beautiful art work and jewelry sold by the lovely Trash Market Stall holders.

The Wonderful stall holders and I got a bit creative during the evening of Trash Market, so we decided to design some original art works which were paced around the Camberwell and East Dulwhich area promoting Trash Market to the south east local and student community.  The concept was simple white back ground so no distraction could be taken   from the ground breaking typography which directed  you to follow the arrow and take part in a crafty treasure trail leading you to the most wonderful place filled with the most glorious  goodies to be found in all of London.

I am also happy to report that the arrangement  of the  bunting was not an issue at all in fact it was just a five minute job unlike the week

Monday, 27 September 2010

The debutant's debut, Bunting and my First Blog

Hello everyone and welcome to my first ever blog.
To say I am nervous about speaking, well typing about my Saturday evening to whom ever may read this is a understatement, in fact I am quite petrified but here I go.

The worries of preparing Trash Market for public viewing began at 11 am, who new bunting 100ft of it could course such a problem. where should one place it?  Why will it not hang right? O my there is just not enough of it! Bunting replaced my breakfast and morning mocha on Saturday and just did not cure my hunger. Bunting, bunting, bunting although you are a secret pain you look pretty and for that I will always heart you.

 Trash Market had her debut two whole day's ago, at the Phoenix Pub in Denmark Hill the debutant loved the attention she received from new admirers in south east London and welcomes you to come back with more loving advances this Saturday 1pm-6pm. With help from some new lovely friends Trash Market turned the Phoenix pub in Denmark Hill into a crafty market filled with goodies you just wanted to fill your home with, and tasty treats you just wanted to fill your tummy with.

Well this blog has been short and sweet we have covered the trials and tribulations of bunting and the debut of crafty debutant who wishes to woo your heart and purse strings every Saturday. Before I log off I would just like to say thank you to all the people who had stalls on Saturday 25th September for being so lovely, kind and helpful, I look forward to seeing next time at Trash Market (Saturday 2nd October 1pm-6pm).

Budget Advertising

Budget Advertising